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CMP takes measures for sustainable cruise calls

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CMP takes measures for sustainable cruise calls

After two years in which the corona pandemic has negatively impacted tourism in Copenhagen, a normalisation is in sight this year. This applies to cruises as well, where the season this year looks set to once again be able to welcome many visitors to Copenhagen. Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) has a strong focus on sustainability and this season a number of additional sustainability measures will be implemented at all cruise terminals in Copenhagen, for the benefit of guests, our neighbours, and the city as a whole. The measures are fully in line with CMP’s strategy to become one of the most sustainable ports in the world.

Electric shuttle bus to Orientkaj
In 2020, the Orientkaj Metro station opened, and this year the public harbour buses have extended the route to Orientkajas well. To supplement bus and taxi services, CMP has deployed electric shuttle buses to bring guests from the cruise terminals at Oceankaj to Orientkaj. From there, guests can take the Metro to explore Copenhagen or to the airport if their journey continues from there. A single shuttle bus can replace up to 25 individual taxi rides, potentially saving hundreds of trips each day a ship calls Copenhagen, significantly contributing to reducing traffic congestion. The free shuttle buses run when there is a turnaround call, meaning a day when one set of passengers departs the ship and another set embarks.

Electrification of the operations
CMP invests in sustainability and require our subcontractors to do the same. From this season on, all machines used for handling baggage and supplies at the Langelinie terminal will run on electricity. This includes forklift trucks, conveyor belts and scanners. In addition, collection of refuse containers at Langelinie and Nordre Toldbod will be done via an electrically-powered lorry. Last but not least, the lifts used, for example, for ship maintenance, will be required to run on electricity or hybrid power.

More sustainable solutions on the way
Initiatives to ensure sustainable cruise calls for the benefit of Copenhagen and cruise visitors do not stop here: CMP is constantly working to reduce CO2 emissions and improve the conditions for Copenhageners and guests alike. Last year, Copenhagen’s first shore power facility was inaugurated for DFDS ferries, and shore power facilities at CMP’s cruise terminals at Langelinie and Oceankaj are expected to be ready in 2024 in cooperation with By & Havn and the Municipality


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Ulrika Prytz Rugfelt

Ulrika Prytz Rugfelt

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