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TOMORROW FESTIVAL New festival initiative seizes the future

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TOMORROW FESTIVAL New festival initiative seizes the future

With TOMORROW FESTIVAL, Denmark gets a new and action-oriented festival filled with music, food, talks, and inspiration for a more sustainable everyday life. TOMORROW FESTIVAL will take place in Valbyparken's scenic areas in Copenhagen's Sydhavn 3 and 4 September 2021.

As many as 64% of Danes between the ages of 18 and 50 believe that lifestyle changes are necessary if we are to succeed in the green transition. But how do you change your lifestyle in practice so that you contribute to a more sustainable future for all of us?

That is the main question that the new TOMORROW FESTIVAL wants to answer with an action-oriented festival that combines conversations, concerts, and food with visual staging, physical experiences, and climate-friendly solutions to your everyday challenges. It will be a feast for the many; for the committed, for the curious, and for the doubtful who do not know where to begin. And you don’t have to have spelt buns in the freezer or a PhD. in marine biology to feel like the fish in the water.

Behind the festival is TOMORROW, a non-profit platform for sustainable change. The organisation is led by Caroline Søeborg Ahlefeldt, who in her time was co-founder of Heartland at Egeskov Castle.

With TOMORROW FESTIVAL, Caroline Søeborg Ahlefeldt is once again ready to expand the Danes' perception of what a festival can be: “Today we look into a gloomy future where life and climate on our planet as we know it are under pressure due to our behavior. We need to do something about that. We must motivate to action. We must create optimism. And we need to give people the tools and the will to act so that together we can create a better future. "

TOMORROW FESTIVAL will do this through action, inspiration, and experiences that both create hope and give rise to behavioral changes: "We strive to translate the visions of the UN's global sustainability goals into tangible and sustainable everyday actions throughout society - from the kitchen table to the meeting table and from the children's table to the high table. TOMORROW FESTIVAL is a platform where there is room for everyone.”

The festival takes place in Valbyparken's scenic areas in Copenhagen's Sydhavn, where the festival will be surrounded by wild nature, forest, beach, and beautiful parks with poplar trees and theme gardens.

A variety of different areas, scenes, and experiences

TOMORROW FESTIVAL is built around the talk stage LISTEN, the music stage FEEL, the food area TASTE, the experience area CHANGE, the discovery area VILLAGE, and the ‘youth platform’ OWN, which will be installations and happenings spread across the festival area.

CHANGE TOMORROW: CHANGE is the main name of TOMORROW FESTIVAL and was created in collaboration with Roskilde Festival, behavioral experts, artists, and experience designers - and not least important partners in the field. It consists of three experiences that focus on one of the areas where you can make the biggest difference to the climate: HOME, TRANSPORT, and FOOD. Each CHANGE is a social experience where you, together with other festival guests, gain new knowledge, ‘get one’s hands dirty’, and come home with inspiration for new sustainable actions.

● LISTEN TOMORROW: LISTEN is TOMORROW FESTIVAL's stage for conversations between people that make the world bigger. Sustainability is the starting point; action is the goal. Hear, among others, Selma Montgomery (student and climate activist) & Mickey Gjerris (researcher and author) in a conversation about hope; Signe Wenneberg (author and lecturer) & Emmy Laura Perez Fjelland (cultural geographer and researcher) in a conversation about grounding and everyday activism; comedians Frank Hvam & Jan Gintberg on the life as an electric car driver as well as Mads Nipper (CEO, Ørsted) & Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein (former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights) in a talk on green rights.

FEEL TOMORROW: The festival's music scene, where the new is mixed with the old, funk with rock and dance rhythms with thoughtful tones. You can look forward to concerts with Scarlet Pleasure, The Savage Rose, GRETA and The Black School, and many more to be announced.

TASTE TOMORROW: The festival's food area, which in addition to delicious food stalls will also inspire the participants through knowledge, happenings, physical activities, and visual installations that make us wiser about how we will eat in the future.

TOMORROW VILLAGE: A temporary town with four pedestrian streets and a square. The individual streets are inhabited by companies and organisations that demonstrate new technologies, products, and services with sustainability as the focal point. As a festival participant, you can explore VILLAGE, just as there will be dissemination, showcases, and experiments. In the square, there is a stage that forms the framework for conversations and debates, and in the evening is transformed into a music stage.

OWN TOMORROW: A mix of unique areas and pop-up activities on the festival site, where selected youth organisations with passion and drive get the opportunity to build, tell and invite inside in their dream scenarios for a sustainable future.

Buy tickets and read more about the TOMORROW Festival at

Ticket sales start on May 4, 2021.

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For further information, please contact:

Johannes Mandal 22 28 77 77

Anja Linnet 22 65 53 48



TOMORROW FESTIVAL takes place on 3 and 4 September 2021 in Valbyparken in Copenhagen's Sydhavnen.

Ticket types:

● Two-day ticket: 750, -

● One-day ticket: 499, -

● Students, retirees, and groups of min. 10 people get a 25% discount

● Children 0-14 years: Free

Tickets are offered by Ticketmaster.

Festival partners

Founding Partners: Copenhagen Municipality - PensionDanmark

Festival Partners: Carlsberg - By & Havn - Stark

CHANGE:HOME Partner: Forenet Kredit

CHANGE Partners: Beckett Foundation – Danske Rederier – Danske Maritime – Danske Maritime Fond - Carlsbergs Mindelegat for Brygger J.C. Jacobsen

VILLAGE Partners: Innovationsfonden - Vækstfonden - Danmarks Grønne Investeringsfond

Executive Partners: Good Boys Agency - Roskilde Festival

Support Partner: United Nations Development Program

Logistics Partner: Copenhagen Malmö Port

Suppliers: Philipson Wine

Precautions regarding COVID-19

We have not yet put COVID-19 behind us. That is why we always follow the authorities' guidelines so that we can hold a safe and secure festival - also in terms of health.

The authorities expect that all Danes will be fully vaccinated at the beginning of August. We, therefore, expect that the restrictions will be lifted before the TOMORROW FESTIVAL is held in early September.

However, we are still working on a scenario based on the government's expert group for phase 2b. This means that we are currently working according to the following guidelines:

- Corona pass requirements

- Zoning with 2000 participants per. section

- Max. 10,000 participants per day

- Area requirement of 4 m2 per. participant

- Preparation of a health plan as part of our safety plan

In addition, we also work with tools such as quick tests and of course free access to rubbing alcohol.



Ulrika Prytz Rugfelt

Ulrika Prytz Rugfelt

Press contact Chief Communications & Sustainability Officer +46 70 252 00 98

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