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38 housing modules unloaded in Malmö

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38 housing modules unloaded in Malmö

Last week, the vessel UBC Sagunto called at Copenhagen Malmö Ports (CMP) terminal in Norra Hamnen, Malmö. The ship was loaded with housing modules, a type of cargo that CMP has extensive experience with. The housing modules were transported for the customer Sveaviken Bostad AB, and Frontlog AB was responsible for the transport.

"We are very pleased to have shipped this first stage of a property development in Lund. Malmö is an ideal port for us, with very large areas and excellent infrastructure for the handling of containers, which is advantageous for us considering that we handle the modules identically as with containers. This is the first time we have shipped modules to Skåne,” notes David Österström, CEO of Frontlog AB.

The port in Malmö is strategically  located, both for transport further out into Europe and as a regional hub for shorter transports, such as to Lund, which was the final destination for the housing modules.

“We are pleased to have welcomed Frontlog AB and Sveaviken AB to our terminal in Malmö, where we offer efficient and safe handling of housing modules. For CMP and our employees, it is also exciting to be part of an operation that ultimately results in new, sustainable housing in Lund,” comments Ann-Charlotte Halldén-Åkeson, Sales Director Cars & MIP, Copenhagen Malmö Port AB.

“Our customer, Sveaviken Bostad AB, is a fast-growing real estate developer that builds rental properties in its own factory for sustainable and long-term ownership. These 75 rental apartments are expected to be ready for occupancy in the spring, and it is inspiring for us to be part of the development of a modern district that is emerging at Solbjerstorget in Brunnshög. We have shipped some 2,000 apartment modules to Sveaviken, and with their growth plans, we expect to be back in the region again very soon,” concludes David Österström at Frontlog AB.

The next delivery of housing modules to Malmö is expected in early 2021.

For further information, please contact:

Ann-Charlotte Halldén-Åkeson, Sales Director, Copenhagen Malmö Port AB.
E-mail:, Telephone: +46 70-692 42 67.

David Österström, CEO, Frontlog AB
E-mail:, Telephone: +46 70 573 5510.



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