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Information related to the Coronavirus

News   •   Mar 12, 2020 10:39 CET

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CMP continually monitors the public authorities’ guidelines regarding the Corona situation and complies with the instructions they provide. In addition, we continuously evaluate what measures we should prepare, if the risk assessment made by the public authorities changes.

All vessels approaching Copenhagen or Malmö submit a Health Declaration to the broker, who sends it to the relevant public authorities. If this gives cause for a ship to be quarantined, the ship will not be allowed to dock to the quay until the public authorities are in place to appropriately deal with the situation.

In the event a ship or broker call in reporting the presence of Coronavirus, CMP’s port offices which are manned round-the-clock contact the relevant public authorities, which provide directives on what process and procedures CMP should follow. The broker activates the public authorities in relation to their efforts and involvement with the ship. This is a fully established procedure that we have great confidence in.